Don’t mess with my Margarita

By Peg Steley

Margarita & Island

When I think about my annual escape to Mexico, my mouth begins to tingle with anticipation. I salivate, I drool and my mind wanders to tranquil settings, scorching sunsets suspended over restless waters, waves lapping, balmy breezes wafting. Dressed in lilac and orange silk that caresses my legs, I hasten over the warm sand to one of my favourite spots – there is only one thing on my mind – “una Margarita fresca por favor” I snap with a smile but a sense of urgency. “Con sal, en las rocas” I add just to be sure…..for there can be no misunderstanding….no wish-washy, ersatz substitute for perfection. I may compromise on a few things in life – BUT NOT MY MARGARITAS!

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Michelada – The perfect snack, drink

MicheladaFor Canadians, the Michelada is like a Ceasar but made with beer. For the Americans its similar to a Bloody Mary with beer. It’s the perfect afternoon snack on a hot day. I say snack because it’s like a meal in a glass.


Essentially the Michelada is a beer with additional seasonings. Spices, lime, clamato juice and more. Just about every place makes them differently.

Often it doesn’t come with Clamato unless you ask. And sometimes it comes garnished with fruit, salad, tamarind straws, celery and spicy peppers, boiled shrimp, aguachile, scallops, peanuts, well, you get the point.

In Puerto Vallarta when it is served with Clamato it is a Cielo Rojo and with just lime and salt it is a chelada. Around the country, the Michelada is called many things.

Interestingly many car washes have a Michelada bar for their clients while they wait for their vehicles to be finished. Only in Mexico!

Whether its happy hour or brunch, the Michelada is a refreshing drink. We like ours limey and spicy but each to their own!

Michelada Recipe –

3  limes, squeezed and with the pulp scraped loose

Coarse salt

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 dash soy sauce

5 dashes Valentina’s sauce

1 pinch black pepper or steak seasoning

1 dash Maggi seasoning,

12 ounces beer, preferably something Mexican

4-6 ounces Clamato Juice

Michelada with shrimp

Michelada with shrimp

Salt the rim of your glass

Add plenty of ice

Add all the spices and sauces

Add the lime and the lime pulp

Add the beer and clamato.

Taste and continue doctoring until it’s perfect for you!

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