Traveling to Mexico with a foreign vehicle

Boomers DrivingI get a lot of questions from fellow expats who are traveling to Mexico with a foreign vehicle. It is important to understand how your vehicle can enter and remain in Mexico legally. While each case is different and there are some exceptions to every rule, I have outlined the following questions to help orient you as you prepare to travel or relocate to Mexico.

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Traditional Mexican Food and Drink

An old adage is that true Mexican meals must contain corn tortillas, beans, chilies and lime. This is the ultimate measure, dating back millenniums during which indigenous civilizations subsisted by the grace of corn and beans.

chiles mexicanosCorn is the basis for tortillas [circular flat breads, not chips] which are served with meals like other cultures serve breads. Beans are often a side dish. Flavours favoured by Mexican cooks are cilantro and onions, but the two most common additions are chile and limón [lime]. From jalapeño to fiery habañero, chipotle to mild poblano, Mexico’s chilies are tasted everywhere from main dishes to salsas and even in chocolate bars. Assess whether the particular chile is too warm for your taste buds. Limón refers to the small green fruit well-known as lime. A bowl of cut wedges may be presented for use on any dish.

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Mexico’s Baile Folklórico

jarabe tapatio

Travel to any corner of Mexico, and you’ll hear the rhythmic call of drums, flutes and accordions as well as the percussive stomping of feet. Upon further inquiry, you’ll see colours flying, skirts twirling and masked performers taking the stage in celebration of the nation’s heritage. Centuries ago, the indigenous populations of Mexico used dance to connect with deities and nature, weaving ancienttraditions, mythology and every day events intotheir gestures, footwork, costuming and showmanship. While these Mesoamerican dances were unique to each region, the introduction of European and African cultures influenced the rituals. They became ‘baile folklórico’ (folk dances), incorporating elements of the waltz, Flamenco,Polka and Schottische. This evolution transformed Mexico’s baile folklórico into a kaleidoscope of movement.

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Preparing a Will in Mexico

A recent tragic incident has emphasized the importance of having a Will. One of our clients died suddenly of a heart attack and had no Will made in Mexico. His Mexican family claimed that he died intestate, therefore his children born here and his second wife were entitled to his estate. His Canadian family, relying on a previous, older Will, claimed to be his only legal heirs. This dispute will definitely cost thousands of dollars and last several years before it is resolved. It could have been avoided.

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Mexi-Go! publishes 13th edition

MG Magazine Cover Winter Spring 2015 TiltedIn a time when newspapers and magazines struggle to hold onto readership, Mexi-Go! magazine has found loyalty with its readers and advertisers. Mexi-Go! is publishing their 13th edition of Mexi-Go! Magazine. A lifestyle publication that promotes the beauty of Mexico primarily to Canadians, this edition of Mexi-Go! will be distributed in Ajijic, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos.  

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2015 may be the year you’ve are waiting for – buying Mexican real estate

Canadian banks on brink of mortgage price war

canadian banksAs reported in the Globe and Mail on January 26th, all the major banks and most lenders have started cutting their mortgage rates. If you are thinking about using the equity in your Canadian home to purchase a second property, this may be the year to move forward with your dreams of owning property in Mexico.

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Mexico among the Top 3 countries for Retirement

Right on the heels of another year, International Living releases their top picks for international retirement destinations, so if you’ve been on that fence for a while now, here’s a friendly reminder that you too can join the ranks of millions of ex-pats and call Mexico, or one of the many destinations world-wide that offer exceptional living abroad opportunities, home.

With spiraling costs compelling more and more North Americans to retire overseas, retiring abroad has never been more attractive. 

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Mother and daughter journey into the heart of Oaxaca Mexico

By Moralea Milne

Life doesn’t get much more heartwarming than when my oldest child suggested a mother and daughter adventure to explore the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico. From the excitement of visiting exotic locales, the comfort of a beautiful hotel, to the fearless experiments with indigenous cuisine (grasshoppers and crushed worms!) and the bond of shopping for exquisite handcrafts at various mercados and tianguis (markets) we shared a magical five days and nights.

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