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For many Canadians wanting to purchase Mexican real estate the biggest challenges is the lack of financing currently available for foreigners. While their desire to own property in Mexico is strong purchasing a retirement or vacation property outright may be beyond their savings. Now instead of waiting on the sidelines, motivated buyers can enter the exciting world of Mexican real estate and start enjoying the benefits of ownership immediately.

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Folk art renaissance

In the 1930s, Mexico City artist Pedro Linares fell ill. As his story is told:

“While unconscious, he dreamed of a strange place resembling a forest. He saw trees, animals, and rocks, even clouds that suddenly turned into strange animals. He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with the horns of a bull, a lion with an eagle head. All of them were shouting one word, ‘Alebrijes.’ Upon recovery, he began recreating the creatures he saw in cardboard and papier mâché and called them Alebrijes.”

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Build a House in Mexico

By Judi Shaw

As a Canadian real estate agent living in Playa del Carmen full time since 2003, I have some really great stories to tell. This article is one of those great stories; my transition from Downtown Diva to Gated Community Camper.

You can imagine after seventeen years of living in the mountains of Whistler, when I arrived in Playa del Carmen, I was amazed by the flat terrain, and undeveloped spaces, white sand beaches and the warm and inviting blue ocean.

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Puerto Vallarta First – Timers

By Lois Ellison


By all accounts, the high season this year is a big improvement over the past couple of years. This is welcome news. Although many visitors have been to Puerto Vallarta before, for others this may be the first time.

If you are among those first timers to our beautiful bay, you may find some things confusing and others downright confounding.

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Traveling to Mexico with a foreign vehicle

Boomers DrivingI get a lot of questions from fellow expats who are traveling to Mexico with a foreign vehicle. It is important to understand how your vehicle can enter and remain in Mexico legally. While each case is different and there are some exceptions to every rule, I have outlined the following questions to help orient you as you prepare to travel or relocate to Mexico.

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Traditional Mexican Food and Drink

An old adage is that true Mexican meals must contain corn tortillas, beans, chilies and lime. This is the ultimate measure, dating back millenniums during which indigenous civilizations subsisted by the grace of corn and beans.

chiles mexicanosCorn is the basis for tortillas [circular flat breads, not chips] which are served with meals like other cultures serve breads. Beans are often a side dish. Flavours favoured by Mexican cooks are cilantro and onions, but the two most common additions are chile and limón [lime]. From jalapeño to fiery habañero, chipotle to mild poblano, Mexico’s chilies are tasted everywhere from main dishes to salsas and even in chocolate bars. Assess whether the particular chile is too warm for your taste buds. Limón refers to the small green fruit well-known as lime. A bowl of cut wedges may be presented for use on any dish.

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Mexico’s Baile Folklórico

jarabe tapatio

Travel to any corner of Mexico, and you’ll hear the rhythmic call of drums, flutes and accordions as well as the percussive stomping of feet. Upon further inquiry, you’ll see colours flying, skirts twirling and masked performers taking the stage in celebration of the nation’s heritage. Centuries ago, the indigenous populations of Mexico used dance to connect with deities and nature, weaving ancienttraditions, mythology and every day events intotheir gestures, footwork, costuming and showmanship. While these Mesoamerican dances were unique to each region, the introduction of European and African cultures influenced the rituals. They became ‘baile folklórico’ (folk dances), incorporating elements of the waltz, Flamenco,Polka and Schottische. This evolution transformed Mexico’s baile folklórico into a kaleidoscope of movement.

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