Renting out your condo in Mexico? Careful! All that salsa could go out the window

condo nitta nuevo vallartaMany expats who own condos in Mexico actually spend only part of the year in them.  Rather than keeping them empty when away, many logically choose to rent them.  That makes sense.

It also makes sense that the SAT, the Mexican Tax Authority, would also be eager to become your ever present, silent partner.  The second that you derive income from rentals, the SAT expects to get its share.  That is ostensibly fair. 

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Day Trip Guide: Banderas Bay, Mexico

By Keph Senett

Expat writer Keph Senett scores a mellow boat tour in one of Mexico’s major tourist cities.

vallarta panga


Sergio Junior stands confidently at the prow of the panga. Although we’ve taken turns up there today, he’s the one who’s been working.

For me, the platform at the bow of the skiff is like a carnival photo booth where, instead of dressing up like a gunfighter, I throw my arms wide and whoop, “I’m king of the world!” He politely chuckles. I’m guessing he’s heard that one before.

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A Sense of Place: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

by Gregory Gunter

Traveled to the beach resorts of Mexico? Did you get that sense of déjà vu? Perhaps it’s because the condos in Cancun and Cabo San Lucas replicate the same look and feel of those in Miami Beach and San Diego.

San Miguel de Allende—the Condé Nast Traveler ranked #1 City in the World—boasts its own distinct sense of place. With 450 years of gentrified history, visitors and residents know that they’re in culturally-rich central Mexico, far from the college coed destinations on the beach!

1-skyline of San Miguel de Allende

The skyline of San Miguel de Allende, as seen from the homes at Los Arcángeles

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Find the answers to healthcare in Mexico

Depositphotos_10155055_originalIn the past ten years or more, healthcare in Mexico has steadily improved with many hospitals being accredited, doctors and dentists adjusting their practices to allow for foreigners and the building of modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

From high costs to long wait times, thousands of Americans and Canadians flock to receive the healthcare in Mexico that they have put on hold in anticipation of their upcoming Mexico vacation. Others have moved to Mexico because of the availability of affordable healthcare in Mexico including not just surgery but general care, pharmaceuticals, and dental care.

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Unplug and get outdoors: Tomatlan, Jalisco

Luxury meets rustic with fishing, hiking, beach combing, and more along Jalisco’s up and coming southern coastal community of Tomatlan.

Pristine beaches, small authentic towns, surfing, fishing, hiking  – an outdoor nature lovers paradise; all this located one and a half hours south of Puerto Vallarta in the municipality of Tomatlan, Jalisco. Located within the exclusive Costa Alegre coastline with its selection of some of the best hotels, resorts and estates in Mexico including my all-time favourite resort, Hotelito Desconocido, Tomatlan is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Divided by Highway 200, the coastal side is home to rugged beaches, that often have estuaries on one side and the pounding Pacific surf on the other, popular wth locals on the weekend for camping and surfing. Across the highway; vast orchards intersect with canals and rivers, heading back towards the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Popular on weekends and during holidays, the beaches of Tomatlan remain nearly uninhabited and pristine year-round. Savvy developers are watching this area closely as the big boys start to break ground. Soon this will be one of those places that people will say, ‘it was the {insert booming town here} of twenty years ago’.

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Downsizing for your Move to Mexico

by Kaitlin Krull

Once you’ve made the decision to move to Mexico, it’s time to think about which of your belongings you want to keep and which you want to get rid of. At Modernize, we know that life in Mexico can be drastically different to life in the rest of North America, so much of what you have come to own and love might not be appropriate for the Mexican way of life. This is a liberating feeling but can feel daunting at first, so make sure you start early and listen to your heart.

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Mexican will, anyone?

by Orlando Gotay, Tax Attorney

I have come across several situations where U.S. individuals run into various problems with regards to Mexican real estate they own in the context of death.  Persons may have a foreign will executed outside of Mexico, or even have none at all.  Both situations present challenges in Mexico and may result in your property distributed in a way inconsistent with your wishes.


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Travel and Retirement in Mexico featuring the Yucatan

Dear valued readers, fellow travelers,

I am proud to share with you the latest issue of Mexi-Go! Magazine, featuring travel, and retirement in Mexico with a focus on the Yucatan peninsula.


A few years ago I traveled to the Yucatan for two weeks. I stayed at Hacienda Misne in Merida (so amazing) and every day I would head out with a guide to explore haciendas converted into these simply, stunning boutique hotels. We would stop at cenotes for a cooling dip in sacred waters and we’d visit these ancient Mayan ruins, elaborately planned and built – majestic in scale – and then destroyed, often by ravaging Spanish invaders. The stones were then used to build churches in the place of the temples.

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Accommodations in Mexico – where to stay and why

Accommodations in Mexican resorts run the gamut from trailer parks (where you haul your own) to beyond five stars and into Gran Turismo with properties so luxurious you could easily get lost for a week. Following are three “in between” scenarios that just might help you make a decision on where you stay and why.

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