Baja Peninsula: Four Ladies, Four Months On Four Mules

by Wendy Rains

Can you imagine riding up the entire Baja Peninsula on a mule? Well, that’s what four brave ladies decided to do, inspired to re-create the same 1,000 mile trek on the little used mountain trails of the Meling Expedition over 50 years ago.  Tagged as La Mula Mil, or Mule 1000, it was the brainstorm of Leslie Pringle, a Canadian journalist who approached Trudi Angell, who leads pack mule rides, among other adventures out of Loreto.  As Leslie wrote in her blog, Wrrldgrrl, they had four goals: 1) to successfully re-create the Meling Expedition of 1963/64 as a 50th anniversary tribute, 2) to produce a coffee-table book of photography and stories that overlay the two expeditions, 3) to celebrate the people and the pueblos of Baja California and thereby promote tourism in Baja California Mexico, and 4) to raise awareness of and funds for their three favorite non-profit associations. Coins for Classrooms, Living Roots Baja and MujeresdelGolfo . In Leslie’s own words, her personal goals included, “wanting to be one with the land I was walking, riding, sleeping on. I wanted time to reconnect with myself.”

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The Pacific Coast, the Call of the Mermaid

Mexico’s Pacific coast boasts 7,828 kilometers of luxury resorts, boutique hotels, fabulous beaches and colonial towns.

By Patricia Peña

It would take six days to travel Mexico’s Pacific coast from north to south by boat. Six whole days without stopping –something virtually impossible once you catch a glimpse of the irresistible beaches that line these 7,828 kilometers of coastline brimming with biodiversity.

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Permanently importing your car into Mexico

One couple’s experience

By Chris Bouchard

Time for a new car. Cindy and I provide airport pickup for guests at our boutique inn, and as a realtor I do a lot of driving, helping clients to find their piece of paradise here in Vallarta-Nayarit.  The ol’ Nissan was wearing out, so we decided in importing our 2007 Ford Edge. It has very low mileage, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

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North Shore Living

By Fabien Madesclaire

The North Shore of the Bay of Banderas, and up the Pacific coastline on the Riviera Nayarit, is a varied and spectacular terrain offering lovely beaches, lush jungles, world-class surfing, fishing and water sports. Too, this area is now famous for a large and ever growing community of environmentalists, spiritualists and yoga enthusiasts. Here you will find quiet a little Mexican village right next door to a gorgeous multi-million dollar resort. There is truly something for every taste and budget.

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Towns of Riviera Maya

As a Canadian who has lived full time and worked here since 2003 I feel confident in telling you why the Riviera Maya is a great place to live, work, play, vacation, and invest in real estate.

Where is the Riviera Maya you ask?

It is defined as the area south of the Cancun airport between Puerto Morelos all the way to city of Tulum, a distance of 120kms.  The heart of Riviera Maya is the city of Playa del Carmen, a vibrant, hip and happening beach town on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

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Learning Spanish

By Joel Hansen

I moved to Mexico three years ago. In that time I have traveled across my adopted home from the deserts in Sonora to the jungles of Veracruz in search of adventure and great places for Canadians to visit. Arriving in Mexico three years ago I didn’t speak a word of Spanish and my thought was that I would learn it as I lived it. I would absorb Spanish through the powers of osmosis. It hasn’t quite worked out the way I hoped. During my adventures to parts of Mexico where little English is spoken I found my vocabulary hopelessly woeful. I can get by but I constantly felt like I was missing out. I knew it was time to do something about it.

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