Mexico among the Top 3 countries for Retirement

Right on the heels of another year, International Living releases their top picks for international retirement destinations, so if you’ve been on that fence for a while now, here’s a friendly reminder that you too can join the ranks of millions of ex-pats and call Mexico, or one of the many destinations world-wide that offer exceptional living abroad opportunities, home.

With spiraling costs compelling more and more North Americans to retire overseas, retiring abroad has never been more attractive. 

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Mother and daughter journey into the heart of Oaxaca Mexico

By Moralea Milne

Life doesn’t get much more heartwarming than when my oldest child suggested a mother and daughter adventure to explore the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico. From the excitement of visiting exotic locales, the comfort of a beautiful hotel, to the fearless experiments with indigenous cuisine (grasshoppers and crushed worms!) and the bond of shopping for exquisite handcrafts at various mercados and tianguis (markets) we shared a magical five days and nights.

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What Type of Accommodation is Right for your Vacation?

By Larissa Mcgee

Deciding where to stay on vacation is arguably the most important decision that a traveler will make throughout their entire trip. According to a recent study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the US (dubbed the “no vacation nation”) comes in dead last among economically advanced countries for the amount of paid vacation days required by law for workers. How many guaranteed vacation days you wonder? Zero. Canadians, who make up the second largest group of annual visitors to Mexico, aren’t faring much better. By law, they are required to receive only 10 paid vacation days per year from employers. Compare this to France, where citizens receive 30 days of paid vacation per year and one begins to understand why it’s absolutely essential for travelers to Puerto Vallarta to choose the right accommodation for their well-earned vacation.

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Facts to know about Taxation when renting your condos, houses or villas in Mexico

By David Connell

mexican villa e1420743007471 Facts to know about Taxation when renting your condos, houses or villas in Mexico

“Paradise”…..a land where life is worry-free and simple. We all seek a place where all responsibilities are left behind, where having-to is forgotten and replaced with not-having to.

Many foreigners found this “Paradise” in beautiful Mexico where they find pleasant surroundings, affordable living and a wonderful lifestyle!

Several years ago the Mexican Federal Government made it possible for foreigners, non-Mexicans, to acquire the “rights of ownership” for properties in the “forbidden zone” opening the door to the coastal regions where many a foreigner has purchased his “own piece of paradise”.

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4 Easy Resolutions You Can Make to Transform your New Year!

By Marcella Castellanos

Many of us around this time begin to self-reflect and make a new list of goals or resolutions that too many times end up being too challenging or we aren’t able to keep because we forget or get lazy. What if we didn’t put so much pressure on ourselves and simply adopted small, sustainable changes that cumulatively add up to a healthier, happier version of ourselves? Poco a poco. Here are a few tips:

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How Much of Paradise do You Want to Own?

Explore the easy lifestyle of fractional ownership at Grand Residences in beautiful Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya

Grand Residences12 How Much of Paradise do You Want to Own?

More and more Canadians are enjoying time spent in Mexico either during annual winter vacations or, increasingly, in the properties they have purchased. Each option has its own benefits; with vacationing providing flexibility, service, and minimal upfront costs and property ownership offering the comforts of a home away from home, an opportunity to get to know the area and your neighbours, and a return on your investment. A third (often misunderstood) option is fractional ownership which, when done right, combines the best of both of these worlds.

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Buying a Property in an International Destination

By Victoria Pratt

Did they find what they were looking for?

la cruz huanacaxtle e1419886724811  Buying a Property in an International Destination

I would see Sue on a veritable mission in my now-adopted little town of Bucerias, criss-crossing the beach road and the gently sloping hillside that gives the town its great vantage over Banderas Bay. She admired the homes and gardens in a longing way, clearly banking design and architecture ideas on each outing. I was familiar with her custom and the obvious yearning as it was a thing I’d done myself in all parts of the Costa Vallarta over many years, until I finally “dove in”.

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Assess Your Investment

Information Counts [Michael and Patricia]

This couple is an example of a new trend I’ve observed—as people near retirement, assess their investments, living patterns and future, they realize that downsizing at home is a natural move—perhaps keeping the cottage or a pied-à-terre or both and eliminating the big property in favor of a tropical home. In the case of Michael, the VP of Information Technology of a leading Canadian University, and Patricia, a marketing guru in the same industry, they were ready to return to Vancouver, their original home, after a number of years in Calgary. They figured out three things: the rain and cold had worn them out; it was very expensive to reinvest in Vancouver; and a key family member wouldn’t be there most of the time.

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