Haciendas: Mexican Refuges of Yesteryear

A great way to relax and soak up some history is to stay at one of Mexico’s stately old haciendas turned luxury hotels.

by Pola Sáenz

The cinema photographer Gabriel Figueroa captured magnificent Mexican skies, skies that reflect the surface of lakes, age-old trees and active volcanoes, the elongated shadow of archways on the dusty ground, the faces of beautiful women framed by shawls, horsemen galloping across the fields. Through his lens we get a sense of a bygone Mexico lingering on in the sturdy walls of haciendas that have featured in more than one Golden Age film. There are some 4,000 surviving haciendas in Mexico, a number of which have been renovated or restored to their former glory, reemerging as boutique hotels offering world-class amenities. Here, guests are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, steeped in authentic Mexican history and set against breathtaking natural backdrops.

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New Fall 2014 Issue of Mexi-Go! Magazine

fall 2014 cover mg magazine 234x300 New Fall 2014 Issue of Mexi Go! MagazineAs the number one destination for Canadian travelers to Mexico, this fall issue of Mexi-Go! Magazine highlights just a few of the spectacular destinations within Riviera Maya. From snorkling cenotes to golfing the dozens of professional course to walking the soft white sand beaches, Riviera Maya offers its guests one of the world’s top vacation and retirement places with good reason.

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One Day in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s leading tourist destinations, is home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. Most travelers come here to relax in the sun with a margarita. It makes for a great holiday.

puerto vallarta malecon One Day in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta

Yet a seasoned traveler knows part of the charm of Puerto Vallarta is outside the confines of the resort walls. Adventure awaits those who travel downtown and walk the cobblestone streets of the city. Whether your interests are in art, culture, or cuisine, with the plan below, you’ll find Puerto Vallarta memorable for more than just fun in the sun.

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Mexico Developers Selling Cheaper Alternative to U.S. Luxury Senior Housing

By Jason Oliva

las palmas beach resort Puerto Vallarta Mexico Developers Selling Cheaper Alternative to U.S. Luxury Senior Housing

A popular tourist spot, beachfront real estate and a newly converted resort hotel adds up to what developers say will give luxury senior housing in the U.S. a run for its money south of the border.

Those are the ingredients for Front Beach Retirement Mexico, a Mexican development company that sees opportunity in targeting American and Canadian seniors looking to retire in Mexico, particularly the widely popular tourist town of Puerto Vallarta.

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Dental Care in Mexico

It is well known that out-of-pocket healthcare costs in Mexico are cheaper than in Canada and the United States. For years Americans (and some Canadians) have been crossing the border into Tijuana for cheap prescription drugs and dental care but in recent years that has changed dramatically with high end resorts and prestigious hospitals offering surgery, dental and medical care in the luxurious comfort of five-star hotels. For a fraction of the cost, with top of the line equipment and internationally trained doctors and surgeons, Canadians are traveling to resort towns such as Puerto Vallarta to enjoy both the tropical weather and the affordable top notch care available.

Dental Care Mexico 925x520 e1409183620192 Dental Care in Mexico

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Punta de Mita

By Cindy Bouchard

puntademita 300x207 Punta de MitaOn first blush Punta de Mita has 3 distinct areas. There is the behind the wall, Four Seasons & St. Regis, properties where movie stars and the rich and famous spend their vacations. As I write Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are celebrating their honeymoon on the posh property. Then the tourist centre of town with its restaurants, shops and boutique hotels and the town proper where expats and locals live side-by-side.

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Puerto Vallarta, a Walkers Paradise

By VeviGuillen

I’m originally from Puerto Vallarta, and I come from a family of eight children. My father was a doctor and the founder of the Health Center in Puerto Vallarta. My mother dedicated herself to her home and family and was very involved in working for the betterment community welfare here in Vallarta. Both of my parents were the primary force behind the construction of the local Health Center.I love Vallarta and I consider it one of the best places in the world to live.

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