Experiencing San Miguel de Allende through the eyes of Casa Sierra Nevada

San Miguel de Allende (SMA) is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Nestled in rolling hills and amongst the Bajio Mountains at 6,500 feet above sea level it features a climate described as an eternal spring and a might have perfected the  slower simpler lifestyle that Mexico does so well.  As a Western Canadian I am fascinated by any building older than 150 years and San Miguel was founded in 1555 with amazingly preserved colonial architecture (some of it dating back to the 1600’s and 1700’s).  SMA also has a rich history as the cradle of the Mexican War of Independence.  It was the birth place of Ignacio Allende (a great leader in the rebellion) and was the first city to be freed from Spanish rule.  Last but not least it is home to perhaps the most beautiful cathedrals in Mexico featuring a Neo-Gothic design unlike anything in Latin America and perhaps the world.  This combination of historical and cultural significance made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

sma 1 Experiencing San Miguel de Allende through the eyes of Casa Sierra Nevada

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The foods of Michoacán

Michoacán state is privileged by nature, located in western Mexico, its fertile land produces many foods.

Pátzcuaro  and surrounding areas

comida michoacan The foods of Michoacán

The long tree-lined boulevard that ushers you into Pátzcuaro gives a graceful hint of the beauty that abounds in this lovely colonial town. With two elegant plazas, numerous fountains and churches, and a bustling and colorful local marketplace, it is a veritable feast for the eyes.

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The Promised Land of the South

Campeche, Tabasco and Veracruz are three Mexican states that offer visitors a unique mix of past and present, luxury and adventure.

By Patricia Peña

The southern Mexican states of Tabasco, Veracruz and Campeche smell of rainforest, tobacco and chocolate. Mahogany floors warmed by an afternoon sun and the song of exotic birds carried on the wind create an aura of mystery and mysticism in a land that has preserved the cultural wealth of the Pre-Colombian and Colonial eras.

tajin The Promised Land of the South

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5 Reasons for Investing in Mexico

Despite the media’s portrayal of Mexico, the country is making inroads economically.

By Timothy McCarthy

Many Americans think they should stay away from investing in Mexico and other emerging markets for fear they are too risky. However, proper diversification is one of the key tenants to reducing long-term risk in one’s investment portfolio. And the more established emerging markets have made it to “investment grade.”

Take Mexico as an example. Many investors ignore Mexico, as the name conjures up the usual images of drug wars, illegal immigration and poverty often reinforced by the media. Yet, these images are obscuring the bigger picture: fundamental changes that are occurring just south of our border – such as its successful reform efforts, increasing global competitiveness, oil and gas reserves and consumer spending.

invest mexico 5 Reasons for Investing in Mexico

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Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico: Catastral, Taxes, Capital Gains & Notarios

Steven M. Fry

Mexican Lawyer Lic. Spencer McMullen has been busy again, offering yet more good insights into how real estate law, property law, and tax laws work in Mexico. Here is his latest report on key issues that affect most of us foreigners living and visiting Mexico:

Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico.
Here in Mexico we have three types of real estate appraisals:   Tax (Catastral),  Bank (Bancaria) and  Commercial (Comercial).   When choosing an appraiser, remember that all appraisers must be licensed.    Most are engineers or architects who have postgraduate courses and state licenses and are also “peritos” or experts in real estate.

home appraisal  e1417033216883 Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico: Catastral, Taxes, Capital Gains & Notarios

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5 fabulous, affordable things to do in Puerto Vallarta

By Larissa Magee

You’ve booked your trip to Mexico and are ready to hit the beach, armed of course with your trusted smartphone, set to post amazing photos of your trip that will totally make your friends jealous. Let’s face it, photos of our everyday life – sitting behind the desk, folding laundry, filling the tank at the gas station – well, they just don’t make for great Facebook or Instagram envy. However now you’re on vacation and there are lots of great shots to take, but you don’t want to break the bank to get that perfect photo.

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Baja Peninsula: Four Ladies, Four Months On Four Mules

by Wendy Rains

Can you imagine riding up the entire Baja Peninsula on a mule? Well, that’s what four brave ladies decided to do, inspired to re-create the same 1,000 mile trek on the little used mountain trails of the Meling Expedition over 50 years ago.  Tagged as La Mula Mil, or Mule 1000, it was the brainstorm of Leslie Pringle, a Canadian journalist who approached Trudi Angell, who leads pack mule rides, among other adventures out of Loreto.  As Leslie wrote in her blog, Wrrldgrrl, they had four goals: 1) to successfully re-create the Meling Expedition of 1963/64 as a 50th anniversary tribute, 2) to produce a coffee-table book of photography and stories that overlay the two expeditions, 3) to celebrate the people and the pueblos of Baja California and thereby promote tourism in Baja California Mexico, and 4) to raise awareness of and funds for their three favorite non-profit associations. Coins for Classrooms, Living Roots Baja and MujeresdelGolfo . In Leslie’s own words, her personal goals included, “wanting to be one with the land I was walking, riding, sleeping on. I wanted time to reconnect with myself.”

ontheroad e1415659914526 Baja Peninsula: Four Ladies, Four Months On Four Mules

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The Pacific Coast, the Call of the Mermaid

Mexico’s Pacific coast boasts 7,828 kilometers of luxury resorts, boutique hotels, fabulous beaches and colonial towns.

By Patricia Peña

It would take six days to travel Mexico’s Pacific coast from north to south by boat. Six whole days without stopping –something virtually impossible once you catch a glimpse of the irresistible beaches that line these 7,828 kilometers of coastline brimming with biodiversity.

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