Birding in San Blas

san blas mayarit coast

Few places on earth offer the opportunity to see 30 country endemics within a half-hour’s drive of a scenic coastal town. San Blas, situated on the north-western coastline of Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit is one such place. Here birding is combined with breathtaking natural beauty, a rich and vibrant local cultural scene and tantalizing gastronomical delights. World-class surfing, fishing and birding may not seem to go together but in Riviera Nayarit the three pastimes are what draws throngs of visitors every year.

san blas nayrit birdingFrom a birding perspective, the best time to visit is between late October and late March when the resident bird population is supplemented by a massive influx of neotropical migrants from the north. The San Blas Christmas Bird Count is a popular event amongst international birders and close to 300 species have been recorded during a single day. The variety of habitat within a tiny area is what makes San Blas one of the best birding locations in the Americas. The beaches and coves provide sanctuary to a nice variety of seabirds. Inland are the the San Cristóbal and El Pozo mangrove estuaries, two of the most biologically important estuaries in all of Mexico and home to a wide variety of wading birds, parrots, and endemic birds like Rufous-bellied Chachalacas. Sustainable coffee plantations, fringed by primary forest, are common and provide excellent habitat for many species, including a high number of regional endemics.

san blas nayarit boat excursionTwo highlights of a visit to San Blas are undoubtadly the highly popular guided boat excursions. The first is an early morning trip that begins in a narrow mangrove estuary and ends in the eerie mist of Zoquipan, home to an impressive array of wading birds and a nesting colony of about 250 Wood Storks at eye-level. An evening boat trip winds its way through the mangroves ending at the crystal clear waters of La Tovara and is famous for roosting Boat-billed Herons and for Northern Potoos, which come out to hawk for insects at dusk. Along the way keep an eye out for the ever-present American Crocodiles.

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Good to Know: Visas and Immigration Laws


The rules in Mexico change often and have a tendency to be interpreted a hundred different ways and immigration rules are the same. We will try to explain the various types of visas and the requirements here but note that everyone’s experience is different. Do not be discouraged;be patient, make many copies of all of your documents and be prepared for the unexpected and unexplained.

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Mexico – The perfect place to retire

retire in mexico

Mexico is known as a favorite retirement destination for Americans and Canadians and with good reason. Firstly is Mexico’s proximity to these two countries is a major advantage as expats can travel to and from their home rapidly and economically.  Most major Mexican airports provide daily non-stop flights to the USA and Canada.  Moving furniture, personal belongings and family pets is also convenient and economical depending on the distance covered.   Second is the familiar culture and friendly people that have very similar values.  However, the most popular reason given by retirees for moving to Mexico is that, as the second largest economy in Latin America, Mexico provides high standards of living and security. If we include it’slow cost of living, world class health care, large community of expatriates and warm temperate climate, it is understandable why Mexico has been recognized as one of the best places in the world to retire for 2015.

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Mexico, 6 Magical Towns

By Antonio Vázquez

We bring you a small sampling of towns that have preserved their character and customs over the centuries and that continue to captivate Mexicans and foreigners alike with their hospitality and picturesqueness.


Magical Towns is the collective name the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) has given to the hundreds of towns whose architecture, customs and culture have remained intact over the centuries and that have witnessed landmark events in Mexico’s history.

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PDI Real Estate & Partnership Program


For many Canadians wanting to purchase Mexican real estate the biggest challenges is the lack of financing currently available for foreigners. While their desire to own property in Mexico is strong purchasing a retirement or vacation property outright may be beyond their savings. Now instead of waiting on the sidelines, motivated buyers can enter the exciting world of Mexican real estate and start enjoying the benefits of ownership immediately.

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Folk art renaissance

In the 1930s, Mexico City artist Pedro Linares fell ill. As his story is told:

“While unconscious, he dreamed of a strange place resembling a forest. He saw trees, animals, and rocks, even clouds that suddenly turned into strange animals. He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with the horns of a bull, a lion with an eagle head. All of them were shouting one word, ‘Alebrijes.’ Upon recovery, he began recreating the creatures he saw in cardboard and papier mâché and called them Alebrijes.”

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Build a House in Mexico

By Judi Shaw

As a Canadian real estate agent living in Playa del Carmen full time since 2003, I have some really great stories to tell. This article is one of those great stories; my transition from Downtown Diva to Gated Community Camper.

You can imagine after seventeen years of living in the mountains of Whistler, when I arrived in Playa del Carmen, I was amazed by the flat terrain, and undeveloped spaces, white sand beaches and the warm and inviting blue ocean.

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Puerto Vallarta First – Timers

By Lois Ellison


By all accounts, the high season this year is a big improvement over the past couple of years. This is welcome news. Although many visitors have been to Puerto Vallarta before, for others this may be the first time.

If you are among those first timers to our beautiful bay, you may find some things confusing and others downright confounding.

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